POLL: Top 10 Voice Actors Who Can Sing

4397 votes decide the best male voice actors that can carry a tune in Japan

Fans get to enjoy the singing of voice actors in occasional OPs and EDs of anime and character songs, and many of them display great singing skills. Goo Ranking recently posted the result of the Top 10 Voice Actors Who Can Sing voted on by NTT customers in Japan. Since the votes are widely gathered and not only from otaku, the top choice was someone who is also known as a great impersonator besides being a veteran voice actor.



#1. Yamadera Kouichi  2253 votes

Yamadera received most of the votes because not only he has a history of spectacular roles, but is also known well outside of voice acting world because of his amazing inpersonation where he can show off singing skills in Japanese TV.

He is the voice of:

Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop


Togusa of Ghost in the Shell


Kaji Ryoji of EVANGELION




#2. Miyano Mamoru  326 votes

Miyano just made his first appearance in a Japanese TV music program as a singer. He is popular for his voice and his looks, but his fans seem to find joy in collecting images of his as below. Miyano currently sings "Kanon", the OP of Uta No Prince Sama Maji LOVE 2000%.


Miyano is the voice of:

Ichinose Tokiya of Uta No Prince Sama


Suou Tamaki of Ouran High School Host Club


Tsunashi Takuto of STAR DRIVER



#3 Taniyama Kishou  217 votes

Doubles as the singer KISHOW of GRANRODEO, Taniyama lands in the third spot. GRANRODEO sings OPs and EDs for many anime, such as Kuroko's Basketball, CØDE:BREAKER, and Karneval.


Soon after the poll result became public, Taniyama expressed that he himself believes that he is #1. He is awesome.


Taniyama is the voice of:


Shinomiya Natsuki of Uta No Prince Sama




Kitan Bachika of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


 The rest of the top 10 list follows below with one tie for 8th place

#4. Ono Daisuke  167 votes

#5. Seki Toshihiko  123 votes

#6. Morikubo Shotaro  105 votes

#7. Suzumura Kenichi  90 votes

#8. Sakurai Takahiro  and Okiayu Ryutaro both received 86 votes to tie for the 8th spot

#10. Suzuki Tatsuhisa  64 votes

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