“GIRLS und PANZER” Digital Camera Coming Soon

Lets you take pictures with your favorite girls and tanks

M-ON! Entertainment Inc. is now taking advance orders for a “GIRLS und PANZER ×EXILIM” camera sold only via its online shopping website “CATCH BON!”. This compact digital camera is a collaboration between the popular anime GIRLS und PANZER and the well known digital camera “EXILIM EX-ZR20” (CASIO COMPUTER CO, LTD).


“Degimonostation”, a specialty magazine about digital goods is producing it, with original laser engraved characters of the Anglerfish Team on the front side and original start-up screen. Moreover, images of characters and tanks of the Anglerfish Team, the Turtle Team, the Duck Team, the Hippo Team, and the Rabbit Team are pre-installed. By using CASIO’s original function “Dynamic Photo”, you can make photo montages with them.




Original digital camera case included: for 31,800 yen (shipping cost: extra 500 yen). Will ship in mid-June.


© GIRLS und PANZER Projekt
※Design is subject to change without notice.
※Pre-installed images are subject to change without notice.


Laser engraved girls on the front side!

Image of the Anglerfish Team's Panzer IV Ausf. D is pre-installed as well.


ONLINE DIGIMONOSTATION “GIRLS und PANZER ×EXILIM” collaboration digital camera 
GIRLS und PANZER Official Website



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