Japanese Fans React To The "Tiger & Bunny" English Dub

Bandai Channel recently streamed the English dub with Japanese subtitles for the first time

The Tiger & Bunny series built its fanbase with weekly online streaming while it originally aired in Japan. On April 20th at 11pm, Japan time, episode 1 of the English dubbed version with Japanese subtitles was streamed on the Bandai Channel site for the first time and as many as 5000 fans tuned in.


This will be a weekly broadcast and the episodes are followed by a short program that explains the translation since it does not exactly match the Japanese script and show some behind-the-scenes footage of the dubbing process.


As soon as the show started, my Japanese TL started to run like a waterfall, which reminded me of how it was when the show first started! Here are some of the fan reaction to the dubbed Tiger & Bunny that I picked up from #tigerbunny during the broadcast.



"English really matches the American comic style of the art" 

"It's not as hard to understand it! Maybe because I already memorized the Japanese script"

"I want to learn English with Tiger & Bunny"

"I can see that they paid extra attention to preserve the feel of Japanese original script and I really appreciate it"

"Noth American version is really cool, but I still feel it's different"




"Kotestu is speaking English!!"

"They could have kept the conversation between Kotesu and Kaede in Japanese and have English subtitles since they are supposed to be Japanese"

"Kotesu's voice sounds little too high"

"Just because he is speaking in English, Kotesu sounds smarter"

"I was hoping to hear Johnny Depp's voice (since Hirata Hiroaki, the voice of Kotetsu, does voice over of Depp)




"Skyhigh sounds very much like a gentleman"



"Nathan matches PERFECT!"




"Antonio's voice is just like the English version of Kusunoki Taien (the Japanese voice actor for him)"




"There is an English version of GO NEXT?! Blue Rose sounds really cute!"




"Kotetsu called Kaede 'Honey' <3<3<3" (Lots of reaction here because parents in Japan do not address their kids "honey". One person ponited out that it should be 'Maple' because of her name)

"Even Anju (Kotetsu's mom) sounds sexy in English"



"Agnes is just so Agnes"

"Loyde sounds really handsome"

"Ben is super cool in English"



"I guess there was no translation for 'gozaru'"

"Ivan sounds buffed"



"So different from Morita's Bunninglish, LOL"


Fans call Morita's English "Bunninglish" affectionately. In fact, he hosts a segment in the show following the broadcast and some said that listening to Bunninglish after English BBJ is relaxing.




"Bunny's voice is super sexy!! Good job, English voice actor!"

"Bunny became BBJ!!"

"English Bunny sounds more Tsun. Can't wait for the Dere to kick in"




Overall, the reaction was very favorable and seemed to encourage many people to study English more using T&B.

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