“Mario Bros.” Power Box Causes Bomb Scare

Tempe, Arizona police and bomb squads called to investigate

Friday, the eyes of the world were on Boston as police and military forces hunted down two terrorists. The whole world save one neighborhood in Tempe, Arizona, that is. For the residents of Spence Avenue and Newberry Lane, Friday was the day they were terrorized by something that has plagued fans of the Mario franchise for years – a power up box.


super mario bros


Friday morning, residents found a gold box in the middle of the street. Fearing something more nefarious than a simple video game-related prank, the authorities were summoned. By 11 am, police and bomb squad were on the scene. About 50 people were evacuated from their homes for half an hour while authorities investigated. Their investigation didn’t yield a pressure cooker bom, Bob-omb or even a mushroom – just some papers.





So how could an obvious Super Mario Bros. prank go so far that the bomb squad got involved? Maybe Boston-induced paranoia. Or maybe there weren’t any Nintendo fans living on the street.


Source: ABC15





Amanda Rush is the Associate Editor for Ani.Me and contributor for Otaku CollectionDX. She swears on Twitter as @theanimaven.





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