"Mother 3" Fan Translator Offers Files to Nintendo

Game Boy Advance entry has never been released outside of Japan

We may finally be getting Earthbound on Wii U Virtual Console later this year, but there's still another game that's been on fan wishlists for ages: Mother 3. The Game Boy Advance follow-up has never been officially released outside of Japan, but fan translator Clyde Mandelin is offering up his files to Nintendo for free in hopes of making their decision easier. 


Mandelin launched the patch along with a team of Mother 3 fans in 2008. On his blog, he offers to edit the files himself to fit whatever standard Nintendo would need, or even retranslate the entire thing. Again, for free. 


A preview that preceded the translation's release:


It's a gracious offer, but unfortunately it's doubtful that Nintendo would ever take someone up on it. 


Via Joystiq



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