"Dragon's Crown" Finally Gets a North American Release Date

Call dibs on your character of choice--the adventure begins in Summer 2013!

It's safe to say that one of the most hotly-anticipated games of 2013 is Vanillaware's repeatedly-delayed, jaw-droppingly gorgeous action-RPG Dragon's Crown. Late last month, we were told that Dragon's Crown would be releasing in summer of 2013, but Atlus has narrowed it down to a final release date: August 6, 2013.


As mentioned before, Dragon's Crown will retail for $49.99 on PS3 and $39.99 on Vita. So far, there are no cross-platform buying options between the PS3 and Vita versions.


Good timing, too--I'd love to see how this compares to the re-release of Capcom's Dungeons & Dragons arcade games. Are you ready to enter the high-adventure world of Dragon's Crown?

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