VIDEO: Tokyo Robot Restaurant Music Video Roundup

New clips from AMIAYA and Muse

Tokyo’s ROBOT RESTAURANT created quite a splash when it opened in the fall of last year, and it’s easy to see why. Imagine dancing girls rolling around in giant fembot mecha inhabiting a room that looked like Vegas in space where every possible surface was covered in LED lights and lasers. Actually, you DON'T have to imagine, because such a place really exists...



As befitting a pinnacle of excess, the Robot Restaurant quickly became a must-see attraction, not only for visiting tourists from around the world (I’m still slowly recovering from my own trip there), but for Japanese people too. Now, a handful of musicians are using the Robot Restaurant to serve as a colorful backdrop for their PVs. Why spend a lot of money on making original crazy sets and wacky props when you can just point a camera anywhere inside the Robot Restaurant and get a shot that looks like a million dollars?


The singing model twin sisters known as AMIAYA were the first to lens a clip inside these hallowed halls for their new single “Magic Color”. While no robots get rolled out for the PV, the song is a pretty agreeable slice of electro-pop (even better if you’ve never heard Perfume before…), and there’s also a more raw and buckwild video of the launch event for the song here.



British band Muse has also gazed deep into the Robot Restaurant, along with the mean streets of Shibuya, to shoot the PV for their new song “Panic Station”, which was released earlier this week. Skip about halfway through for maximum Robot Restaurant insanity. Or watch the whole thing for a surreal take on modern Tokyo life.



Finally, although, we’ve posted this video before, here’s hy4_4yh (pronounced “Hyper Yoyo”) singing their tribute to the head spinning Indonesian techno sound known as “Funkot”. Of all the clips here, this one is so nuts that it is actually the closest to what it’s like being trapped inside the Robot Restaurant for reals.



Who will be the next red hot music act to brave the sense-shattering assault of the Tokyo Robot Restaurant? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!


Robot Restaurant Official Site (not safe for humans)



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