"Moyashimon" Author Congratulates Comedian Model for Character on Marriage

The comedian who is the model for Misato Senpai got married recently

Moyashimon author Ishikawa Masayuki recently sent congratulations on the news of marriage of the model for one of his characters in the series, Misato Senpai. Nishida Kouji, one half of the Japanese comedy duo, "Waraimeshi", announced that he got married on April 25th. Waraimeshi is very well known for their creative comedy style, but Nishida is also known among manga and anime fans as the model for Misato Senpai from Moyashimon.


Misato Senpai on the left, Nishida on the right.


It was always rumored that they looked suspiciously similar, but after Nishida landed a role as Misato in live-action Moyashimon, Ishikawa finally confessed that he used Nishida as a model for Misato in the manga he contributed for a Waraimeshi book.



Cast photo from live-action Moyashimon.


After getting the role, Nishida said he knew he was going to get it and in fact, he was ready to sue if he was rejected, admitted jokingly.



Above, Ishikawa's illustration of Nishida (not Misato) for the Waraimeshi book.


Ishikawa did not reveal the fact that Misato was indeed modeled from Nishida because he thought he would get in trouble with Yoshimoto, which is one of the largest comedian management offices in Japan that Nishida belongs to.



Now that everything is good and happy, Ishikawa responded to the news of Nishida's marriage with congratulations.


The bride's image has not been released, but Moyashimon fans are speculating if the wife looks like Hasegawa or maybe Misato will have his chance with Hasegawa in manga since his model was able to get married. Wouldn't that be great?


Source: Yahoo! Natalie

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