"Metal Gear Rising" Blade Wolf DLC Leaps to Consoles Next Month

International release date has yet to be announced

I thought it was a great time to sell Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance once the Jetstream Sam DLC turned out to not offer much new and noteworthy action. Boy was I wrong, because the upcoming Blade Wolf DLC looks killer, and it's been officially dated for May 9 in Japan.


The Blade Wolf DLC naturally lets players take control of Blade Wolf, AKA IF Prototype LQ-84i, AKA the rad dog boss-turned-buddy from Revengeance. Though Konami hasn't set an international release date, the DLC will be priced at $10 in Japan, and you can see some of the action to come in the fresh batch of screens below.



Most of the locations look the same, but it appears there might at least be a new boss battle in there. Guess I'll have to grab the game again sometime in the near future...



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