"Tiger & Bunny the Movie - The Rising" Release Delayed, Fans Not Mad

Fans seem to love Kotetsu's new look to make up for the longer wait!

The Tiger & Bunny movie official site has announced that the movie release day is postponed from the original announcement, with the new relase date now set for February 8th, 2014. However, fans are not angry. Why? Because the official site has released a new illustration of Kotetsu with his new outfit for the movie and it was delicious enough to make the fans start saving money.


Director Ozaki Masayuki explains the change of release date was decided at the last minute to ensure more time to improve the quality of the new movie to make it completely new. The new design of Kotetsu is created and illustrated by the original character designer for the series, Katsura Masakazu and backs up director Ozaki's tweet about the movie aiming to create the "new" T&B.




New Kotetsu has ditched the hat and has shorter hair. Instead of the vest, he now rocks suspenders and the dress pants that make him look more mature but it makes sense if the story takes place years after the TV series ended, that makes him possibly in his forties. Some fans already figured out that Kotetsu's new watch is by Tag Heuer and worth approximately $3000USD. The word "Suspender" even landed on the Twitter hot word list in Japan.


This news came shortly after the KyoAni announcement of Free! today, so it almost seems like it's the battle of half-naked highschool boys against the well-dressed mature hero. Which one wins? I think both are winners and I am completely defeated by their charm. Just take my wallet.

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