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“Mazinger Z” 40th Anniversary Commemorative Silver Coin and Alloy Figure Out Now

Limited to 950, retails for 48,500 yen

Jewelry and collectibles manufacturer Imperial Enterprises has released a commemorative silver coin and alloy figure set to celebrate the 40th anniversary of super robot manga series “Mazinger Z”. Released as part of Imperial Enterprises’ high-end “Premico” product line, the set has been manufactured in a limited run of 950.



The set’s design and production has been overseen by Go Nagai, the creator of Mazinger Z, and consists of a commemorative silver coin that can be displayed in the 20-centimeter-tall model’s base. The coin is legal tender of the Cook Islands, and is made from 999 pure silver. The 1/20th scale alloy figure is accompanied by a Hover Pilder that can be removed from the main figure and displayed separately.


The set retails for 48,500 yen.


© Go Nagai / Dynamic Productions


The coin, legal tender of the Cook Islands, features Mazinger Z on a background of lightning on one side and the face of Elizabeth II on the reverse.

The Hover Pilder can be removed from the main figure and displayed separately.


Mazinger Z 40th Anniversary Official Commemorative Silver Coin and 1/20th Scale Detailed Model Alloy Mazinger Z Super Deluxe Set (Premico)



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