Free "Dragon Ball Z" Camera App Decorates Your Photos

Kamehameha, Makankou Sappo and Genkidama, plus more stamps to add some force to your photos!

After Japanese high school students started spreading the now infamous Makankou Sappou photos that became an internet sensation for a while, now there is an official Doragon Ball Z app to decorate them properly. The app is "Kame Camera" which is obviously a pun on "Kamehameha".


Nagisa Inc. Jp has released the "Kame Camera" app for iOS. They claim that this app was supervised by the Japanese female high school students who started the "Makankou Sappo photos", but I was not able to confirm the accuracy of that claim. The app page says it is also available in English.


UPDATE: It is also available in US Android market and in Europe as well. See comments below. Thanks!



This is the top page of the app. You can see the sample of the photos you can make at the top and under that, you can choose to either take a new photo or choose existing photos from your library/camera roll. "Reference" will take you to the app's Facebook page while the bottom 1/3 is reserved for ads for other apps. I made the mistake of clicking a cute anime guy icon there thinking maybe I can use his avatar for the photo, but it just took me to the App Store instead.



After either taking a photo or opening one of your previously taken photos, you can decorate it using the stamps available in the app, as you can see above.






These are the stamps that are available in the app. You can re-size them by pinching and easily moving them by dragging as well as adding multiple stamps. Not only does it feature official DBZ effects for Kamehameha, Makankou Sappou and Genkidama and such, but there are lightsaber looking stamps as well to accomodate the Force photos as you see below.


"You do not speak back to me, son." (Or something, I'm not good at STAR WARS lingo.) After saving the edited photo, you have the option to upload it to Twitter, Facebook or LINE.


It's a very simple, easy to use camera app to achieve what it promises and it feels similar to a Japanese Photo Booth or Pri-Kura system more than a camera app, since it's adding stamps to a photo, rather than taking a photo using frames. Another plus is that you'll see a shiny dragon ball on your iPhone after installing this app.

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