VIDEO: Hatsune Miku's Must See Tribute to Arcade Games

The digital battle rages in "Aria On the Game Center"

Hatsune Miku pays tribute to arcade gaming in the fantastically fun "Aria On the Game Center." Thumbs up to Madoka Kurosawa for animating this Panty and Stocking-esque journey of love and digital conquest. 



Notes from the translator:

The title is a pun on Bach's Aria On the G String ("Geesen-jyou" versus "G-sen-jyou"). So that's the excuse for it not really being proper grammar.

If you don't want to pause at the start, the story is simply that in the year 201X, the United States of Ameriko has created a 51st state, GAMERS STATE, where everyone is ranked by their gaming skill. Because why not?

Nico's go-to thing for bad machine translations is actually "Excite Translate," but it's the same idea as Babelfish. I mean, if I left it as Excite, I think there would be unfamiliar one about her.

"Nyansukie" is from "nyan suki" (likes meows), but she's on the rankings in English, so I just kept it. (Not sure what she'd be anyway - Nyanfan? Meowild? Apurreciator?)

"GET YOU!" is most likely a pun on "gee-chuu," game addict.

Wind's line at the end was originally a reference to a famous typoed line from Ryu in a Street Fighter III manga, "Tashikamite miro" (as opposed to "TashikaMEte miro," "Why don't we find out!"). Since nobody knows that, I figured... well, what's the famous mistranslated Ryu line?

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