"Kuroko's Basketball" Character Family Structure Revealed (Spoiler Warning)

Is Kise Yayoi of "Smile Pretty Cure" really related to Kise Ryota?

The 22nd volume of the Kuroko's Basketball manga, released on May 2nd in Japan has officially revealed the family structure of the Generation of Miracle members and the spoiler image has already been tweeted as a result. SPOILER ALERT: This information includes some characters that have not made any appearances or have only made a few appearances in the anime.





Kuroko Tetsuya : A mother, a father and a grandmother




Kise Ryota : A mother, a father and two older sisters (no Kise Yayoi of Smile Pretty Cure as his younger sister, bummer for Sugita Tomokazu, the voice of Gintoki from Gintama who was really excited about that possibility last year)




Modorima Shintaro : A mother, a father and a younger sister (and I repeat, A YOUNGER SISTER of Midorima. What kind of cute little monster would she be? With as many lower eyelashes as her brother? Don't we need a spin-off OVA?)




Aomine Daiki : A mother and a father




Momoi Satsuki : A mother and a father




Murasakibara Atsushi : A mother, a father, 3 older brothers and an older sister (KuroBasu Titan family right here.)




Akashi Seijuro : A father



Haizaki Shogo : A mother and an older brother




Was there anything completely unexpected? I hope Fujimaki sensei will reveal more character family structures soon!

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