"Naruto" Creator's "Mario" One-Shot Manga to Run in English "Shonen Jump"

Mob story runs in digital magazine May 13th

Viz's digital manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump is preparing to treat readers to a very different manga one-shot from Naruto author Masashi Kishimoto. After mob story Mario runs in Jump SQ in Japan on May 2nd, it will run in the May 13th issue of Jump.




A preview has run in Shonen Jump.


From a TV Tropes description:

The special chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump is four pages, set mostly in a trashy apartment in New York's Little Japan, with the protagonist (who actually may not be named Mario) and a recently immigrated yakuza drinking beer on the couch while Naruto is airing on the TV, complete with an obnoxious "believe it!"


The protag explains that he's half-Japanese (and presumably half-Italian American) but was born and raised in the US. He takes his gun out and puts it on the table, prompting the yakuza to ask why everyone in this country seems to own a gun. Our hero starts talking about how American kids aren't raised the same as Japanese ones, "Here, little kids who get bullied don't off themselves — they bring a gun to school and dispense some justice."


He then starts talking about how there's this billboard in Rockefeller Center ("Y'know, where they sing Christmas Carols and do the big Countdown Party...") that keeps a running tally of all the gun-related deaths in the country, which averages out to about "a hundred bodies" every day. He then puts his gun to the yakuza's temple, "...and this Glock is responsible for a few of 'em."


At this point he starts extorting money from the punk by talking about his hair trigger, making a threat/joke about the difference between Japanese firecrackers (he lights some with his cigarette as a mock execution) and Italian firecrackers (the "real deal"), and telling the guy that he doesn't have to become a number on that scoreboard.


It then cuts to him and another guy with black hair and shades (who the protag calls "Ken" and a woman on the phone seemingly calls "Mario") heading to Times Square with a briefcase full of stolen money. When (Ken/Mario?) asks if he needs help carrying it, the protag replies, "Nah, money's the one kind of weight I never get tired of lifting. Let's get to the Square already." Jump SQ (Square), get it?


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