The Angry Video Game Nerd's Platformer is Coming to Wii U and 3DS

"Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures" to hit PC later this year

A couple weeks ago we posted the gameplay trailer for James Rolfe's very own game, The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. It's already destined for PC, and has been approved through Steam Greenlight, but it looks like it might hit Nintendo platforms, as well.  


According to the game's Facebook page and a clarification that shortly followed, AVGN Adventures is coming to Nintendo's modern consoles. So, it sounds like we'll be able to play the 2D side-scroller—which mixes in flavors like Mega Man 2, Castlevania, and Silver Surfer—on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U via the eShop at some point. 


There's no further release info on the Nintendo versions, but it's due out on PC later this year. 


Via Destructoid



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