"Comic Ice Sillicone Tray" Makes Action-Packed Ice For Your Drinks

The tray also doubles as a chocolate mold for more flavor!

Runatown, a Japanese online shopping site is offering the "Mangagoori (Comic Ice Sillicone Tray)" that turns ice and chocolate into shapes that look like the sound effects you see in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and manga in general.



The tray comes in 3 letters that are frequently used in manga, "Go (katakana)", "Do (katakana)" and "A (hiragana)".





"Go Go Go" molded ice makes even plain water exciting.




The tray can also be used as a chocolate mold.


They are priced at 1,029 yen per tray. I really hate to do this, but the shopping site only ships within Japan.


Source: Netlab

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