Nintendo Censors Slightly Suggestive "Fire Emblem" DLC Scene

North American version drops a curtain to cover up Tharja's butt

Well, folks, it's official: Nintendo hates butts! Or at least that's what I choose to take away from the North American and European branches' censoring of an ever-so-slightly suggestive image that appears in the latest batch of Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC.


The newly released DLC map, Summer Scramble, raised the brow of a NeoGAF user, who noticed the censoring of a fairly innocuous swimsuit-adjusting scene. Nintendo apparently deemed the image of Tharja a bit risqué, as they dropped a curtain in the foreground of the North American and European versions. 


The best part, though, is that now it looks WAY more suggestive than before. See for yourself below.






Not a huge deal or anything, but it's kind of funny that they took the time to protect us from the peril of a mostly-covered booty. 





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