Concept Art Surfaces for Pitched "Streets of Rage" and "ESWAT" Games

Former Backbone artist shares characters and other mockups

Backbone Entertainment is mostly known for Sega and Capcom ports and remakes, all of varying quality depending on who you ask, but it looks like they also had some more takes on classic franchises up their sleeves. Thanks to a former Backbone artist sharing some concept work, we now know the developer pitched both a new Streets of Rage game and an ESWAT revival to Sega.


The Streets of Rage art below shows concept art for the playable trio of Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, and Blaze Fielding, in addition to an enemy. They're really not far off from their depictions in the original Streets of Rage, though.



The concept art for an ESWAT reboot is a little more revealing, at least as far as the full mockup image goes. The ESWAT: City under Siege side-scroller was originally released on Mega Drive/Genesis in 1990, and was based on 1989's Cyber Police ESWAT arcade game. 




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