Meet Wannabe Vocaloid Kamui Kitano

Crypton designs character to promote Hokkaido home region

Kamui Kitano is a character from Hatsune Miku developer Crypton Future Media, designed to promote their home region Hokkaido on local promotions and goods. More than design and character description, there's a bit of a narrative to go with Kamui-chan. The idea is that she has dreams of performing at the Sapporo Dome Arena despite working for a flagging, near bankrupt company with an ill CEO.



Fans can help the wannbe idol's dream come true by following her on social media with suggestion that their interest might be rewarded by a vocaloid created for the character. The quasi-official goal is 30,000 Facebook likes.


Closing date for the social media build-up is October 31st.



The character's profile lists:


Height: 152 centimeters [4’ 10”]
Favorite Color: Pink
Hobbies and Interests: Smartphones, karaoke, visiting the hotsprings (something Hokkaido is famous for), eating, and going places she’s never been before.
Favorite Food: Sapporo type Ramen, Sweets - particularly the local Shirokoibito chocolates, B Class Gourmet Food




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