"Attack On Titan" Author Appears on Japanese Talk Show

See photos of Hajime Isayama on NOTTV in Japan

Attack On Titan author Hajime Isayama was recently a guest on an internet TV show in Japan. The program was broadcast on NOTTV, Japan's first dedicated TV station for smartphones. Isayama appreard with a rubber mask of the Colossal Titan and discussed his favorite idol while leaving a few memorable quotes including "I received a lot of money".


The show is hosted by Yoshida Hisanori, a radio station announcer who often hosts anime event stages and is also famous for being a heavy anime otaku. Isayama-sensei was the 4th guest since the show kicked off in April with writer Gen Urobuchi as the first guest.



Isayama Hajime (right) on the show set.



Fortunately, that is a mask and Isayama-sensei (in the blue jacket) does not look like the titan in real life. He proceeded to discuss his favorite idols, Momoiro Clover Z for 10 minutes on the show instead of his manga or anime, according to the show's official twitter.



There was also a live demonstaration of Japanese calligraphy during the show to record memorable quotes made. For those of us who do not have access to the program, we can guess what was talked about from these.

From right:

"Momoka is groundwork technique" (Assuming this is related to MomoClo)

"Mikasa is the compilation of Moe"

"Do not get fixed on one point of view"

"I want to betray, hurt and make them suffer" (guessing he is talking about his manga audience?)

"Eat them alive!!"




Guests are asked to make one drawing in show and he drew the titan with a peace sign saying "I received lots of money!!" I am very happy for you, Isayama sensei.



He also autographed the plushie of the TV station's icon.


Source: Togetter

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