VIDEO: "New Etrian Odyssey" RPG Trailer Highlights Racoona Sheldon

Reimagining of first game comes to 3DS in Japan on June 27

Atlus' latest trailer for New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Maiden—which reimagines the first game that was released on Nintendo DS in 2007—focuses on the paladin Racoona Sheldon. Check her out in the 3DS RPG below.



Racoona is voiced by Shizuka Itou (Bellows in Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet) and, despite her noble heritage, puts more importance on delicious food than glory. 


Other cast members in the game include Kousuke Toriumi (Kiba in Naruto Shippuden) as the spear-wielding hero, Daisuke Ono (Sebastian in Black Butler) as survey leader and Medic Simon Yorke, and Mariya Ise (Killua in Hunter x Hunter, Stocking in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) as amnesiac Gunner Frederica Irving.   


The last trailer we saw for New Etrian Odyssey put anime studio Madhouse's intro work on display. It's scheduled to hit Nintendo 3DS in Japan on June 27, and will include both a mode with fixed story characters like Racoona and those listed above and one more faithful to the party creation of the original. 



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