An Out Of The Ordinary Ice Cream Flavor Will Be Served At A Bird Cafe In Japan

A must try for bird lovers

Some of you may have dated pigeons in Hatoful Boyfriend, the famous April-Fool's-Day-joke-turned-real Otome game where you date pigeons and found love with the birds, but there are people who love birds enough that they want to make them into an ice cream flavor. A bird cafe in Japan is going to start serving "bird flavored ice cream". I had to do a double take when these tweets came around, but these flavors are not a joke.


Torimi Cafe in Kobe is one of those cafes where you can enjoy animals while dining, similar to neko cafes in Japan. The difference with the cat cafes is the fact that their birds (the cafe calls them "bird employees"), are behind a glass wall to be observed freely by the guests. The cafe serves many "bird-love" inspired dishes (note: there are no chicken dishes) and the newest addition is the bird-flavored ice cream.



The cafe's twitter account posted a photo of the finished product, saying they may have made the flavor too authentic, it may be too crazy even for bird lovers, because the aroma of parrots occupies the testers' mouth after taste testing. From the photo, you can see the bird-flavored ice cream comes in a cockatiel flavor, a shell grass parakeet flavor and a Java sparrow flavor.


Due to the flood of concering and entertained replies, the account urged people to calm down because the flavor is not so different from the taste you get when you are eating organic vanilla ice cream and smelling birds at the same time at home with birds. Then, the person that handles the account realized that last statement still came off as pretty strange.


This is the list of adorable bird employees at the cafe. An average of 15 birds will always be staffing depending on their health condition and chemistry between them. From my impression of checking their site, this place is produced and run by people who are genuinely in love with birds and that attracts many fans to visit. (I might add that I surely found Hatoful Boyfriend in the list of links on their site.) The idea of watching cheerful birds while sipping on Parrot Cocoa may be very relaxing. Now, the biggest question is, would you try the ice cream?

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