"Free!" Celebrates 20,000 Twitter Followers with Icon Offering

Plus a translation of an interview with director Hiroko Utsumi

All of the interest in this summer's sexy swimming anime, Free! has driven the associated Twitter account past 20,000 followers. And, in celebration, the site for the series has posted a set of 10 icons.


Haruka Nanase icons

Makoto Tachibana icons

Nagisa Hazuki icons

Rei Ryugazaki icons

Rin Matsuoka icons

Meanwhile, SGCafe has posted a translation of an interview with Free!’s director Hiroko Utsumi:

Hiroko: Although the original story was set in a primary school, if I were to show this in an animation, I feel like creating cool high school students as compared to primary school students. So I changed it.


– I totally agree on that!

Hiroko: Since I was trained in drawing, I thought that I would want to show an animation that features physical beauty. As such, I have decided on the theme, “Swimming, Friendship and Torsos” and I wish to promote the anime based on this theme.


– It is perfect!

Hiroko: This series does not show the so called fighting spirit usually featured in sports anime. I decided that it is more important to show a teenage drama where friendships are formed through swimming. From there, I created the five characters.


– So how are the friendships in this show going to be developed?

Hiroko: I think that developing a friendship is not child’s play so I will start by creating these raw and colliding feelings of competitiveness from swimming. Then, I wish to go in a direction where the anime shows a kind of strong passion that everyone would want to see.


– Oh yes, please do!

Hiroko: Actually there is a part where it shows the reason why Makoto and company* would want to swim was because they were drawn to the main character, Haruka’s* swimming skills.
As such, I have to show Haruka’s charm when swimming no matter what.


– Who exactly is Haruka?

Hiroko: He looks cool on the outside, but he is someone with flaws who only cares about nothing but the swimming pool. But I think that this part of his personality is his charming point.


– Are there any special points when creating the bodies for the five of them?

Hiroko: Of course. While creating them, I did take note of each character’s bone structure, how prominent their rib cages are, and also the various body parts such as the size of their hands.


– Rib cages are the best! The way the muscles that were subtly shown when wearing parkas, are very beautiful.

Hiroko: I love rib cages too.


– Let us all burn in the passion of pelvic muscles this summer!!!!!!

via SGCafe

Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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