VIDEO: Pikachu Gets Beat Up in Deleted "Conker's Bad Fur Day" Scene

Hackers unearth footage of a Pokémon beatdown in Rare's game

Ah, Conker's Bad Fur Day. Notorious for its unashamed tastelessness, Rare's platformer apparently still holds some hidden gems. Thanks to a bit of hacking with the early uncut version, we can now enjoy a deleted scene in which good ol' Pikachu ends up on the receiving end of a beatdown. 


The hacking comes courtesy of some folks at Rarewarecentral. If you're not interested in the whole scene, you can skip to Pikachu's (tail) cameo.



Poor Pikachu, but at least we didn't have to witness the iconic Pokémon with a nasty black eye… or worse. Then again, there are probably some major Pokémon haters out there who would get a real kick out of it.


Via Destructoid



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