New Pics and Info on BABYMETAL's Upcoming Single

“Megitsune” to be unleashed on June 19

Japan’s preeminent underaged heavy metal-meets- j-pop idols BABYMETAL have a new single on the hellfire-strewn horizon.

The sure-to-be-a-smash “Megitsune” is set for release on June 19th in four different configurations, and promises a new direction for the unholy trio by mixing traditional Japanese instruments with Western influences (what are the chances that speed metal drums and guitar “hot lixx” will still be involved?).



Tokyo Hive has decoded the track listings, and untangled the different limited edition releases, and we present them below.


<Limited “Ki” Edition>

01. Megitsune
02. Onedari Daisakusen

DVD: Live Clip 2012.10.6「I,D,Z~LEGEND”I”」at Shibuya O-EAST
01. Overture~Do・Ki・Do・Ki☆Morning
02. Headbanger!!


<Limited “Tsu” Edition>

01. Megitsune
02. Onedari Daisakusen

DVD: Live Clip 2012.12.20「I,D,Z~LEGEND“D” SU-METAL Seitansai」 at AKASAKA BLITZ
02. Kimi to Anime ga Mitai ~Answer for Animation With You



 <Limited “Ne” Edition>

01. Megitsune
02. Onedari Daisakusen

DVD: Live Clip 2013.2.1「I,D,Z~LEGEND“Z”」at Zepp Tokyo
01. Overture~Ijime, Dame, Zettai
02. Catch me if you can



<Regular Edition>

01. Megitsune
02. Akatsuki
03. Megitsune (Air Vocal Ver.)
04. Akatsuki (Air Vocal Ver.)

BONUS! Here’s BABYMETAL’s English subbed comment video from a few months back plugging their previous single, “No More Bullying!”, which as you know, completely eliminated all bullying once and for all on planet Earth.



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