VIDEO: "Soul Sacrifice" Introduces Two More New Bosses as Free DLC

Free additions arrive in Japan on May 16

One of the great things about Keiji Inafune's Soul Sacrifice is that it's being supported with a bunch of free DLC post-launch. Among the DLC are a handful of new bosses, such as the previously revealed Ghost and Ouroboros. Now we have two more trailers that introducer the Basilisk and Troll boss DLC.


These are both set to hit the PlayStation Store in Japan on May 16. First up is the Basilisk, which was previously a blind man who wished to see the woman he loved. As they tend to do, his wish backfired and he became the beast below.




The Troll's story is also a sad one about a once-respected knight who told tall tales about giants and battles—lies which people believed—and eventually turned into the Troll in the clip below.




Here's a look at silhouettes of the bosses to come and those that have already been revealed:



Via Siliconera



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