Check Out "Pokémon X & Y" Protagonists' 2D Look

Plus meet four new Pokémon

Now, there are a couple of caveats here. First, you'll be able to customize the appearances of your protagonist in Pokémon X & Y. Second, there have been previews of the hero/heroine's in-game, 3D models and fan projected illustrations of the characters. What we're now getting from CoroCoro Comics is a new look at the 2D versions of the character that Nintendo apparently be using.


Say hello...


 Your version might look like...


We also get a look at some new Pokémon



On the far right is Gogoat (ゴーゴート literally Gohgohto), a Grass Type Riding Pokémon. The 1.7m and 91.0kg critter can be ridden and learn Horn Leech

The lizard is called Elikiteru (エリキテル), an Electric/Normal-type Generation Pokémon. It's 0.5m and 6.0kg and has a new move called Parabola Charge which heals the user while damaging opponents. It uses solar rays to generate electricity.



The bird is called Yayakoma (ヤヤコマ) and is the Japanese Robin Pokémon. It is Normal/Flying, 0.3m and 1.7kg. It announces itself with a beautiful voice. It can use the move Flame Charge

The panda is called Yancham ( ヤンチャム), a Fighting-type Naughty Pokémon. It is , 0.6m and 8.0kg. It has a new move called Parting  Remark which lowers the opponents stats and causes the user to switch out.






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