Shout! Factory to Release "Ultra Q" Tokusatsu TV Series This August

Complete 28-episode series is digitally remastered in color

Fans of classic tokusatsu (special effects) television have something new to look forward to on the domestic front. Shout! Factory officially opened pre-orders for Ultra Q, the 1966 show that kicked off the Ultra series prior to Ultraman


Renowned director and effects master Eiji Tsuburaya's 28-episode series offers up Twilight Zone-esque chapters that play out like self-contained mystery kaiju films. Shout! Factory's 6-disc set includes the complete series, digitally remastered in color. Some have taken issue with the fact that it's not coming out in its original black and white format, but this is a fantastic series either way.  



Shout! Factory says:


“For the next 30 minutes, your eyes will leave your body and arrive in this strange moment in time…” 


In the world of Ultra Q, the very fabric of nature is warped into a state of unbalance, and all manner of strange phenomenon and unearthly creatures threaten the very future of mankind! On the scene are a world-renowned scientist and his young friends — a female photojournalist, an aviator, and his co-pilot — who investigate these supernatural menaces. When sheer military might is futile, the intrepid team comes to the rescue, armed solely with their ingenuity and scientific prowess to quell these malevolent forces and restore the balance of nature. 


The precursor to Ultraman, Ultra Q is a seminal science-fantasy television series in the monstrous mold of The Outer Limits and The X Files. As deeply ingrained in Japan’s pop culture as The Twilight Zone is in America’s, Ultra Q is available for the first time ever in its entirety on DVD! Eiji Tsuburaya, , the visual effects wizard behind Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra, creates a spectacular cavalcade of bizarre beasts and mass mayhem in each and every episode of this wildly popular series. Never before broadcast in North America, Ultra Q stars Kenji Sahara (Rodan), Hiroko Sakurai (Ultraman) and Yasuhiko Saijo (Son Of Godzilla).


The set will be released on August 13. 


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