"Uta No Prince Sama" Wall Art Featured on Radio Kaikan Renovation Site in Akihabara

Completed with all 7 princes, the wall art is attracting many fans as well as a surprise guest

Radio Kaikan in Akihabara is a famous landmark that has appeared in many anime such as Steins;Gate and the site's main building is currently undergoing renovations. To cover up the unappealing construction walls, all 7 princes from Uta No Prince Sama came to the rescue and it's attracting many fans to the wall, including a surprise guest for a special collaboration. RadiKan Press reports.




The completed wall art with all STARISH members. The art is from their individual idol song single covers and they are in the order of release from left to right. There is a rumor that the order is determined by the idol's social sklll from high to low, but what do you think?




Fans were right there to watch the completion.



The wall art project started at the end of April with 5 princes, with Cecil and Toiya missing. Fans were there to watch the first installment as well.



On May 1st, this yellow thing was running towards the wall art.



It's Piyo-chan, a popular in-show character that Natsuki is a fan of.



Piyo-chan made a surprise appearance and got quickly surrounded by people!

















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