Sandals from the "Rebuild of Evangelion" RADIO EVA Project Now on Sale

Priced at 5,985 yen

Evangelion’s official RADIO EVA apparel brand released its new Columbia×Kinetics×RADIO EVA “QUIPU” sandal on April 19.

RADIO EVA, a line of Rebuild of Evangelion-themed, design-conscious products for adults, developed the sandal with Kinetics, a shop specializing in new-generation brands, and Columbia, the outdoor apparel company. The release is the third entry in the popular collaboration.


Eva sandal Columbia


The QUIPU sandal incorporates Columbia’s outdoor technology and can be customized with colors from the Evangelion series. The sandal’s cord was adapted from a similar one used by the ancient Incans. QUIPU also features a sneaker-like cushion and rugged rubber sole that should allow it to perform in a variety of terrains.


Priced at 5,985 yen, the sandal is available in three colors. Those interested in purchasing should check out the official website or the EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01 in Harajuku.


Eva sandal Columbia QUIPU

The new QUIPU sandal from Columbia×Kinetics×RADIO EVA


RADIO EVA official site
Rebuild of Evangelion Q

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