See More of Reimagined Mega Man in "Maverick Hunter" Concept Art

Artist Adi Granov shows off concept design for Mega Man X FPS

Remember the Mega Man X first-person shooter that almost was? Last month we posted about the canned project, which was in the proof-of-concept stages at Armature Studio, home to some of the developers behind the Metroid Prime series. 


We may never get to play Maverick Hunter, but we can still take another look at what could have been. The latest comes from project artist Adi Granov, who recently shared some of his character design work over at his tumblr.



Its not exactly what comes to mind when we think of the Blue Bomber, but how do you feel about it as a general character design? I can't say I'm confident that this would have been a great game, but I do kind of wish development had continued just to see how it all turned out.


Via Destructoid



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