VIDEO: Extended Interview with the Artists Behind Hatsune Miku's Vocaloid Opera

Talk gets a bit metaphysical in discussion of "The End"

With the Hatsune Miku × Keichiro Shibuya opera set to show in Tokyo on May 23rd, Miku's official YouTube channel posted a longer interview with five creators. As the talk goes in depth, the discussion gets a bit metaphysical. So, if you take your vocaloids seriously, this is the talk for you.


What is "death"? What is "the end"? The Vocaloid Opera "The End" expresses the traditional tragic structure of opera in a very modern way using Hatsune Miku. We had a long interview with five staff who play important roles in production of "The End" and they showed us their passion for the work.

THE END Offical Website

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