VIDEO: Perfume's "Magic of Love" Short Version PV

New single to be released on May 22

Electro powered Japanese idols Perfume are set to release their new single “Magic of Love” later this month, and to whet our appetites, they have released a short version of the dazzling promo video. And while I normally hate "short versions", we seem to getting at least half the song here, along with lots of stellar op-art visuals that answer the question, “what if your outfit matched the wallpaper?"



Sonically, I think the tune is a cut above Perfume’s recent output. I like how, for a change, you can pick out their individual voices minus the usual auto-tune style processing. Are we ready for a fully human Perfume? I guess we’ll find out.


BONUS: Sleeve art for the "Magic of Love" CDs


Regular edition


Limited edition




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