VIDEO: "Axe Cop" Animated Series Trailer Will Chop Your Head Off

Make sure you reattach it in time for the show's July 27th premiere

Axe Cop is a blatant reminder that not everything "good" has to be stuffy, overly-serious, faux-intellectual, or filled with pandering, grade-school attempts at being deep or psychoanalytical. Sometimes, you just need to see a cop armed with an axe team up with an avocado and a dinosaur who are also soldiers, and watch them f*ck dudes up. Good stuff, here.


A while back, we revealed the upcoming animated series for Axe Cop, but now a trailer has surfaced, featuring the titular hero fighting alongside his absolutely bizarre companions as they face down the King of All Bad Guys and his minions.



If that doesn't get you at least a little bit pumped, I'll let you get back to your Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathon. As for the rest of you, WASN'T THAT AMAZING I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SHOW IT HITS FOX ON JULY 27th I AM SO FREAKIN' THERE YOU GUYS


Are you looking forward to the animated Axe Cop? What other webcomics do you think deserve animated adaptations?

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