VIDEO: Latest English "Time and Eternity" Game Trailer

North American released planned for this summer

ImageEpoch's PlayStation 3 JRPG Time and Eternity aka Tokitowa goes after an anime fan audience hard with Satelight (AKB0048) produced hand-drawn 2D sprites for characters and enemies on 3D backgrounds, along with an all star cast. Ahead of its summer North America release, NIS America has posted a second preview.



In the game, your hero, voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga (Dusk Maiden of Amnesia's Teiichi Niiya) marries a young woman named Toki, voiced by Kana Hanazawa (Bodacious Space Pirates' Chiaki Kurihara). When their wedding is attacked, Toki's alter ego Towa, voiced by Eri Kitamura (Nisemonogatari's Karen Araragi), emerges.



Other cast includes


Enda is voiced by Yuuki Aoi (Dance in the Vampire Bund's Mina Tepes, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere's Suzu Mukai).


Reijo is voiced by Yukana (Shirahoshi in One Piece, C.C. in Code Geass, Tessa in Full Metal Panic!, Cure White in Precure

Weidy is voiced by Mamiko Noto (Jigoku Shoujo's Enma Ai, Mahou Sensei Negima's Miyazaki Modoka, Sgt. Frog's Angol Mois), 

Makimona is voiced by Aya Endou



Bikodo is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama's Gintoki)


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