15 Candidates for 2nd Vocaloid China Illustration Contest Revealed

The winner will be announced in the end of this month

VOCALOID CHINA, the official Vocaloid site in China, was holding the second illustration contest for their new Vocaloid characters between March 25th to April 31st. They have posted 15 illustrations selected from 666 entries on their official site. The Grand Prix winner and official visuals based on it will be announced later this month. Check the 15 candidates below. How do you like them and who is your most favorite?


The first illustration contest for the Chinese Vocaloid characters was held in January of 2012 and the Grand Prize went to the illustration of a 15-year-old girl named 雅音宫羽/Yayin Gongyu (original version of 洛 天依/Luo Tianyi) drawn by MOTH. The top 5 characters selected in the contest were featured in various Chinese Vocaloid products and PVs including the five episodes mini anime series.  



1. 行歌 by 海参

2. 结赤 by 阿蛋

3. 陆伶华 by Nain

4. 两仪薇韵 by 游梦鱼

5. 莱玄我 by 小兔杉田鑫子

6. 鞭炮娘 by 兔没毛Maryko

7. 杏夕 by piottle

8. 茉香 by ZiyoLing(YO子)

9. 墨瑜 by 零届0rz

10. 雾花 by 十一

11. 言和 by MQ

12. 耀皇 by 曉嚒_

13. 伊说咲歌 by Mr肆音

14. 余韵 by 小柔

15. 茵 by 自行脑补

via: Hatsune Mikumiku


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