"Chainsaw Jason" Sculpts Colossal Titan from "Attack On Titan" Out of Wood

Popular Nico Nico wood carver with a chainsaw took a crack at sculpting a Titan

"Jason-san", a popular wood sculpture artist with a chainsaw on Nico Nico Douga, uploaded his latest work on May 4th and he worked on what seems like the most sought after creature at the moment, the colossal titan from Attack On Titan. I thought I was starting to get tired of all the titan craziness, but I was wrong. This one is as impressive as the other titan inspired works that have made the news so far. Take a look.


The artist got his name from wearing the "Jason" mask in his video while scalpting. He sculpted a 1/50 scale colossal titan out of wood.



Jason-san working out in the field with his famous chainsaw.



Other than his mask, he is wearing his signature "Horanaika?" T-shirt, which is a pun on the famous Abe-san phraise, "Yaranaika?".









The face of the titan is apprearing. He works entirely with his chansaw.











Then Jason-san gets a torch to scorch and burn the surface.



When he had the torch, the background music was switched to "Guren No Yumiya" by Linked Horizon, the OP of the show. Viewers were commenting "Kiborida-! (it's a wooden scalpture! in Japanese) for the chorus in German.



After the surface was nicely burned into a nice brown shade, Jason-san polished the head to contrast the color properly.





Finished, but it's not done!



Jason-san lit a fire behind the titan. Viewers thought Jason-san looked more like the titan in this shot.



SUGOI!! How impressive is this!



Call all the Scouting Legions!!



Jason-san gets a can of beer with his finished work.



If you would like to watch the full video, go here. Nico Nico Douga requires a login to view videos.



Source: Netlab

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