VIDEO: MEG vs. Monsters in the PVs for SAVE and KISS OR BITE

MEG ZOMBIES single goes on sale June 5

Model and singer MEG’s unexpected transformation into a buttkicking slayer of the undead is complete with the release of the double headed PV for her two new songs, SAVE and KISS OR BITE.  In the clip, a very hungry MEG seems to overdose on funky fruit before heroically battling fashion monsters with a big sword in what looks like a thrift store. At least I *think* that's what happens… you might have your own interpretation after watching the PV below!



MEG is best known among the jpop cognoscenti for her collaborations with producer Yasutaka Nakata of capsule and Perfume fame. But DJ Producer TeddyLoid is behind the knobs this time for KISS OR BITE.  


The results go on sale on June 5th and here's the CD artwork....





Patrick Macias is editor in chief of Crunchyroll News. He also runs the Japanese Fashion Inferno tumblr blog. Follow him on twitter at @Patrick_Macias.


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