First Official "Kuroko's Basketball" Anime Event Announced

Titled "KuroBasu Cup", the event is planned on the birthday of one of the characters

The official Twitter account has confirmed that the event site for Kuroko's Basketball official event "KuroBasu Cup 2013" has been opened. Since the stage at Jump Festa last year was cancelled due to the still on-going threatening case, this will be the anime's first official event. (Note: There was an official KuroBasu radio show event in the past.) The event date is set on the birthday of one of the characters from the show.




Although not much detail is yet available at the current time, most of the voice actors from the show are listed for appearance.

Ono Kensho (Voice of Kuroko Tetsuya)

Ono Yuuki ( Voice of Kagami Taiga)

Saitou Chiwa (voice of Aida Riko)

Hosoya Yoshimasa (voice of Hyuuga Junpei)

Nojima Hirofumi (voice of Izuki Shun)

Hamada Kenji (voice of Kiyoshi Teppei)

Eguchi Takuya (voice of Koganei Shinji)

Inoue Gou (voice of Tsuchida Satoshi)

Kimura Ryohei (voice of Kise Ryota)

Ono Daisuke (voice of Midorima Shintarou)

Suwabe Junichi (voice of Aomine Daiki)

Suzuki Tatsuhisa (voice of Takao Kazunari)

Orikasa Fumiko (voice of Momoi Satsuki)




The event will be at Maihama Amphitheater and the date is set on July 7th, which is also Tanabata and also the birthday for the Tsundere Megane 3 point shooter.

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