"Date A Live" Yoshino Figure and Hug Pillow Scheduled For July

Plus, much talked about game preview picture

 Date A Live's Iori Nomizu (Is This a Zombie?'s Haruna) voiced Yoshinois is remarkably shy, generally talking through her rabbit puppet rather than communicating directly. And, of course, an angel can turn that rabbit into a giant, attacking kaiju puppet. She also seems to be the series' break-out character. So July, we'll be getting both a figure and a hug pillow. 

The 21cm figure from Plum will go for 10,000yen


Sol International's hug pillow is also 10,000yen


Char-ani is doing a 110 x 20cm scarf towel for 2,000yen

Speaking of Date-A-Live, there's a new pic from Date A Live Rinne Utopia, the Compile Heart developed game tie-in due June27th, that's grabbing a lot of attention...


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