Is This a Picture from the Live-Action “Haganai” Movie?

Movie adaptation is due out in 2014

Over-the-top harem comedy Haganai is coming to live-action via film - something many of us have regarded with curiosity (to put it kindly). While Haganai doesn’t seem particularly well suited to live-action (even the author talked about), it’s happening - and it may have been photographed in progress.


Twitterer @shiom25 posted the picture in question on the 17th. You can see either a distinctly non-blonde Sena or Rika without her lab coat next to long-haired Yozora, the always misjudged blonde Kodaka and his underling in the maid uniform, Yukimura. 


haganai live action


According to @shiom25, it looks like Kitano Kie is Yozora and lead vocalist for Tetra-Fang, Koji Seto, is Kodoka, reports sgcafe.


There's no official confirmation that this is, in fact, from the set. What do you guys think?



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