Nendoroid Nana Mizuki and Yukari Tamura Previewed

Super deformed singer / voice actresses are still super cute

Both Mizuki Nana and Tamura Yukari's official sites have been updated with photos and details confirming their own nendoroid!



Mizuki Nana




 T.M. Revolution and Mizuki Nana "Preserved Roses" Valvrave OP




Tamura Yukari





Trailer #1 for Yukarin's previous live BD & DVD "Tamura Yukari LOVE ♡ LIVE *Fall in Love*"


Both nendoroid figures are priced at 4900 yen and will be sold at their live shows, "NANA MIZUKI LIVE CIRCUS 2013" and "Tamura Yukari LOVE ♡ LIVE 2013 *Cute'n ♡ Cute'n Heart*" in Japan this year. If they are only sold at live shows in Japan, what kind of competition will that be? I just hope they will be available online somewhere as well. 


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