VIDEO: "Electromotive Romances", the new PV by mishmash*Julie Watai

A new track from the anime-powered scenester supreme

Julie Watai is a heck of a gal. A noted photographer, Furby hacker, model, and all-around-anime-powered scenester supreme (I once called her “the coolest, most well-connected female otaku in all of Japan.”), Julie’s other major pastime is MUSIC.



In addition to DJ-ing and creating anisong remixes, her current ongoing project is mishmash*Julie Watai, a musical collaboration with T. Mishima, former sound programmer for indie J-rock legend Cornelius.


Their latest track is “Electromotive Romances” a flat-out chipper pop song that could have been an escapee from a New Wave era nuthouse. The PV went up earlier today.



The awesome character art in the video is by Hiroyuki Takahashi, one of the best visual artists of his generation who is helping to take otaku-inspired art to the next level. Follow him on facebook for more fabulous illustrations.




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