"Altered Beast" Enters the Third-Dimension on 3DS in Japan Next Week

Enhanced 3D version of Sega's Genesis game arrives on May 29

Sega boldly bellows toward its Genesis/Mega Drive beat 'em up Altered Beast, "Wise from your gwave," and it does not hesitate. The console port of the 1988 arcade game is coming to Nintendo 3DS in Japan as another one of Sega's 3D enhanced games, and will hit the eShop on May 29.


The download, priced at ¥600 ($6), comes with a few extra features, such as stereoscopic 3D options for depth or zoom, the ability to remap buttons, a tube TV display mode, and the ability to switch between the Japanese ROM or the international version. 


3D Altered Beast will also support local co-op if both players own the game, as well as a new "whimsical transformation" mode, which Sega has yet to explain. 



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