VIDEO: "Toriko: Gourmet ga Battle!" Game Chomps into a Fresh Trailer

Four-player action game due out on 3DS in Japan this summer

Toriko: Gourmet ga Battle! is bringing hungry four-player brawling to Nintendo 3DS in Japan this summer, and a new promotional video showcases some of the battling action to come, from power-ups to group showdowns with the series' many colossal beasts. There will also be a Gourmet ga Battle Tournament featuring an original story. 



Playable characters include Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Zebra, Teppei, Starjun, Grinpatch, Tommyrod, Match, Takimaru, Guemon, Melk the Second, Terry Cloth, Zonge, Shuu, Alfaro, Chin Chinchin, and Chiyo. Among the support characters are Komatsu, Rin, Tom, Melk the First, Yosaku, Love, Yun, Chiru, Chirin, Monchy, and Kuromado. 


Gourmet ga Battle! arrives in Japan on July 4. 



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