"Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy" Finally Hits iOS on May 30

Three games will be available on Apple devices separately or in a bundle

Remember when the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD was hit with a delay that saw it sliding to July? Good news, because it's actually coming to Apple devices much sooner… like, next week. Capcom announced the remastered collection for a May 30 release in the App Store, where the base app will be free, with each installment individually priced.



The collection includes the original Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations. Once you download the free app you can purchase the titles separately or in a bundle. The first is $5.99, with the sequels priced at $6.99 each. You can get the whole collection for $16.99. 


A side-by-side comparison of the enhanced graphics:


The app will also pack an 'Everybody Object' mode that lets players email and tweet Wright's catchphrases as sound files with accompanying animation. 



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