How Long Do "Shonen Jump" Manga Run Before Anime Adaptations Are Announced?

From circa 2000 on, how many chapters do Jump series run before getting anime adaptations

Shonen Jump is about to make an announcement along with chapter 76 Nisekoi. The general assumption is that the yakuza/highschool relationship comedy will be getting an anime adaptation, and this begs the question of whether 76 chapters is an especially quick turn around for a Jump manga series. So, from circa 2000 on, exactly how many chapters does it take a Jump series to get its own anime? 

*54   Hunter x Hunter(the first one, not accompanied by any special presentation) 
*66   Bakuman(Nothing) 
*76 Beelzebub(Accompanied  by Lead Color Page)、Nisekoi?(Lead Color Page planned) 
*80 D.Gray-Man(Lead CP) 
*82 To Love-ru(Center Color Page) 
*85 Nurarihyon no Mago(Accompanied by Center Color Page) 
100 One Piece(Lead CP)、Prince of Tennis(Nothing) 
103 Gintama(Lead CP) 
108 Reborn!(Nothing)、Death Note(Nothing) 
116 Medaka Box(Center Colour) 
117 Neuro(Center Colour) 
119 Bobobo(Lead CP) 
120 Eyeshield 21(Lead CP) 
123 Toriko(Lead CP) 
127 Hikaru no Go(Nothing) 
134 Naruto(Nothing)、Shaman King(Nothing) 
136 Kuroko's Basketball(Lead CP) 
138 Houshin Engi? 
140 Whistle!(Nothing) 
144 Bleach(Lead CP) 
148 Ichigo100%(Nothing) 
159 Sket Dance(Lead CP) 

Series that got an anime after their Shonen Jump runs had already ended
Busou Renkin, Hatsukoi Limited, Black Cat, Level E, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure(tv series, 1152 chapters)


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