New Mobile Otome Game Features "Boys Love End" As Bad Ending

GREE offers new ending option in mobile gaming for Otome game fans

For a long time, Otome games were offering "doki doki", or exciting experiences with the male character in games to female fans. It could be the effect of a heavily saturated market, but GREE Japan decided to offer something new. An Otome game that could end with a BL (Boys Love) ending as an option. Say what? That's what I said.



"Zombie Panic ~Hikareau Yoru~" (translation: Zombie Panic ~The night of attraction") can be downloaded online to play through the GREE mobile gaming service. There are 3 male characters you can choose to play as individually or simultaneously.


The main character is a nurse in the zombie epidemic stricken town. While keeping yourself safe, your mission is to develop a relationship with the male character by increasing the love gauge. There are multiple endings depending on the love gauge, or how the player's relationship is with the male character. It's a pretty normal otome game at this point.


What makes this game different from the rest of Otome games is the fact that if it's not going well for you and him, well, the male character can and will choose another male character over you. If you want the happy end, you play the game as you would the regular Otome game, or you can just not do anything and make the relashionship rot for the Bad ending of the BL senario.


If you are the type who would like to cut to the chase, GREE is offering BL ending scenario for purchase for a limited time.

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