VIDEO: "Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles" Announced for US/Europe Launch

Newly remastered edition includes first two Tales games

Earlier today in Japan during the first day of the Tales Of Festival, "Tales of Symphonia" creator Hideo Baba officially took the wraps off of the worst kept secret in gaming in recent weeks with the official announcement of Tales of Symphonia HD, although the official Japanese title will now be Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack.


The new edition will include the first Tales of Symphonia game first released on the GameCube and PS2 as well as the second game in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World first released on the Wii. True to the nature of the Unisonant Pack, the actual package will consist of two versions, a regular edition and a second limited collector's edition exclusive to Japanese retailer LaLaBit.



In addition, on top of the announcement of the Unisonant Pack, the new edition of the package will also be released in Europe and North America in early 2014 under the provisional title of Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles. The companion Tales of Symphonia anime OVA series will also be released in a Blu-Ray boxset in Japan in November, which will include the complete 11 episode series, of which 7 have already been released on DVD so far, with no immediate word on an international release.


Any Tales of fans officially excited for the new remastered edition?


via Koi-Nya

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